Business building in the CIS – MAFCON has over 20 years expertise!

Mangel på ingeniører er et dagligt problem i danske virksomheder.

Ræk ud efter distancens kompetencer!

Deltag i MAFCON's workshop på INNOVEST den 22. september og få en dialog med en række kompetencepersoner om det at have medarbejdere på distancen.

Program og tilmelding

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When the Central European cost structure no longer is enough...

The myths about Outsourcing and Offshoring!
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The East Region with Ukraine as the focal point represents an attractive and competent destination, located on the border of the EU. A substantially lower wage and costs structure more than outweigh the border crossing and results in a saving of € 12,000 p.a. for blue collar employees.

Where - How - Why? MAFCON ensures clear answers...

Business excellence i CIS
Outsourcing/offshoring to the CIS-area is MAFCON's core competence. More than 20 years of experience has created a unique knowledge and experience platform, which ensures that our clients meet their expectations - on time!

Structure, knowledge and experience from many projects in a wide range of industries ensure that our clients can focus on what they do best - their business.

The challenges of the destination...

Business in Ukraine Business in Belarus

To conduct business in the former Soviet is a challenge for any company, regardless of size. To cope with a different culture is in itself an ordeal, but to interact with an often opaque legal and administrative structure is even more difficult.

MAFCON has +10.000 H experience in design, planning and implementation of relocation operations to the CIS-region. We provide “End-to-End” services - from decision memorandum to commissioning in a large variety of industries.