Outsourcing/Offshoring to CIS – MAFCON has 20 years expertise

MAFCON is an international consultancy firm with +10,000 H of experience in planning and implementing outsourcing and offshoring tasks. We provide solutions from decision memorandum to commissioning and have extensive consultancy experience in a variety of industries. Our proven tools for strategy development and implementation are always updated based on the latest knowledge, experience and development.

With more than 20 years experience, MAFCON has created a solid knowledge and experience platform on how to establish and build business operations successfully in the former Soviet Union.

How it all began

In the late 1980s Morten Munk worked with the establishment and investment projects in the former Soviet Union. He quickly realized the enormous potential of the region, not least the need for a service where companies could combine their business operations under one roof. Thus the idea of MAFCON was created.

MAFCON’s expertise now covers every aspect of the business establishment and investment in the region, just as we in our daily work can draw on a unique network of knowledge and experience on current conditions.

MAFCON’s outstanding experience 

Doing business in the former Soviet is a challenge for any business, regardless of its size. Having to operate in a new culture is itself a difficult task – but to relate to an often very difficult legal and administrative network is even harder.Therefore it is important to ally with a competent and experienced partner, like MAFCON. We perform all tasks in the most professional and transparent manner and always in accordance with local applicable law.

MAFCON’s competencies means that a project can be handled internally through:

  • Project Management
  • Real Estate
  • Human Resource
  • Corporate Law

With this composition we will be able to provide a transparent, secure, and above all professional job and ensure our clients success with their projects.

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