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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) on demand

CAE (computer-aided engineering) is the broad term used by the industry for the use of computers to design, analyze, and manufacture products and processes

CAE includes CAD (computer-aided design) – and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)

Static analysis

– Solving problems of strength and stiffness

– Buckling and fatigue analysis design

– Composite materials and concrete modeling

– Deformed geometry calculation

– Nonlinear geometries calculation

– Linear and nonlinear materials

– Elements of fracture mechanics

Dynamic analysis

Modal analysis –

Harmonic analysis –

Transient and spectral analysis –

Rapid processes –

Rigid and deformable multibody systems –

Dynamics problem in an explicit formulation –

Topology optimization (taking into account existing variable loads) –

Thermal analysis

Stationary and transient thermal processes modeling, taking into account all types of heat transfer:

Conduction –

Convection –

Heat radiation –

Phase transitions –

The anisotropy of material properties –

Temperature dependent properties –

Mass transfer –

3D Modeling & construction drawings

– 3D product design and animation

– Schematic design

– Geometry concept design optimization

– Manufacturability model analysis


Generating a parametric model that shows the overall impact of the changes to be made –

Determination of responses for strength and thermal calculations both in text and graphical form –

Fatigue strength analysis

– Evaluation of working capacity structure under cyclic loading with constant or variable amplitude

– Analysis of fatigue strength when exposed to prolonged high-speed and variable load

– Calculation of the resource and durability, damage, safety factors, the principal and equivalent stresses

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